Go To:  Products–>Tags

  • First you need to find all of the products that are “featured.”
  • Type “featured” into the tags search box.
  • You should see the tag Featured appear.  Click on the Count number to view the featured products in the back-end of your website.

Using Featured Star to Remove Featured Products

On the listing page you can quickly remove Featured Products

  • Click on each “star” to untoggle it.


NOTE:  This does not immediately remove the product from your Featured Page, only from the home page (if you have a Featured section).  By untoggling the star, the “featured” tag gets removed during the nightly processing and that is when the Featured Page gets updated.

Using Bulk Edit to Change Featured Products

You can also use bulk edit to quickly update a group of products.

  • After you have searched the tags for Featured you can select them all by toggling the the square (top left) above the listing or select the products individually by clicking on the select box to the left of every product.
  • From the Bulk Actions drop-down menu select Edit
  • Click on the Apply button to display the Bulk Edit options.
  • The Bulk Edit window has a number of options available to quickly change various parameters of the products selected.
  • Use the drop-down under Featured to change the status.

NOTE:  This will immediately remove the tag “featured” so if you have a page dedicatd to “featured” products, those products will be removed.