Your website will be hosted on some of the fastest and most secure
servers in the industry.

We take care of the factors crucial to online success:


We know your E-commerce store is critical to your business success. Downtime can result in lost revenue and damage your reputation. We take our hosting services seriously.

Our experienced team take care of all of the performance and maintenance tasks involved with your website. When you have a question or concern you can contact us at any time. Between our 24/7 server monitoring and fast response time we often have a problem resolved before you are even aware it exists.


Did you know that Google now includes website speed as a ranking factor? That means that if your website isn’t running optimally you could be losing traction in search rankings. 40% of visitors leave a web page if the load time is more than 3 seconds! That’s revenue flying out the door.

We have some of the fastest hardware available on our dedicated private servers. Your website will be monitored and fine-tuned to ensure it is running optimally 24/7.


The web is inundated with security threats and vulnerabilities. If your website is hacked the damage can be irreparable, from loss of data, customers, reputation and potential blacklisting by Google.

Our routine security procedures include:

  • scan the health of our servers every 5 minutes
  • regularly update WordPress, Woocommerce and all plugins
  • generate daily onsite and offsite backups
  • regularly perform security audits
  • filter for spam
  • configure software firewalls
  • regularly update server operating system


If you are planning for success then you must plan for traffic spikes and expansion. Your website needs to be able to grow to meet demand. If your website is bogged down by a sudden surge in traffic you will lose customers, sales and suffer brand erosion.

Our servers always have at least 10 times the available capacity for any particular website and we can increase that further within seconds.  We are constantly monitoring server performance to ensure that your website is humming along at top speed with a full tank in reserve to power your success all the way.

You've planned for success.

Now it's time to execute!