NOTE: While we do our best to keep this information up to date, code updates from WordPress, WooCommerce and/or Murphy’s can affect the way the QMS system handles these processes. If you believe an answer needs updating, please let us know.

Murphy’s Products and Processes

Participating in a Murphy’s FLASH Sale is easy. We change the prices automatically before and after the sale.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Accept Flash Sale
  2. Set Flash Sale Margin % at least 2 days prior to the start of the sale.
    Save your changes.
  3. Promote your sale using the link shown on the MMS Integration page.

Once the sale has started, you can change the Flash Sale Margin %
If you need to contact Murphy’s remember to submit any open sales orders first.

View the full documentation: How Can I Participate in a Murphy’s FLASH Sale?

Flash sale products are added to your website at YOUR COST not at the MSRP, which is the usual method for setting the price of Murphy’s products. Therefore you need to set a % markup to provide a selling price for the customer.

Remember the markup sale margin) is the percentage you wish to charge over your cost. (The default is 100% unless you participated in the last Flash sale – then the margin will show your previous margin setting.)

Need more information?  How Do I Set My Flash Sale Margin Percentage?

You can set whatever sale price you want for all products but you should not change the regular price because it will clash with our automatic synchronization process when we communicate with Murphy’s Web Services which eventually will revert the regular price back.

If you need to reduce the price of a product you can change the sales price.  Note:  You can’t discount Non-Discountable Products

See:  How Do I Change the Products That Are On Sale 

Alternatively, if you want to set the product to use Local Inventory (not tie into Murphy’s inventory and order processing) then you CAN set your own price. This would be the equivalent of setting your own price to your own inventory of Murphy’s products. These “local inventory” products are not synced with Murphy’s so you can set your own price.

Discontinued products are no longer supported through Murphy’s Web Services so there is not an easy way to identify if a product is discontinued.  We do our best to track discontinued products by analyzing newness of product, inventory and other factors.

Discontinued products are *typically not removed from the website but they will not show up on the shop or category pages because they are out of stock. We keep discontinued products on the website so that customers can still see this information in their account order history and sometimes the products do return.

Discontinued products are clearly marked as Discontinued on the product page should a customer happen to stumble upon them.

*We may need to clear the website of discontinued items as the number escalates.

You can’t DELETE a product that Murphy’s has in Web services because it will be restored during the next sync, but here’s how to get around that problem.

View: How Do I Remove a Murphy’s Product?

You can sell from your own stock of Murphy’s products by setting the Local Inventory field to yet and adding your stock quantity.

View: How Do I Sell a Murphy’s Product From My Own Inventory?

When a customer purchases a Murphy’s download from your website the customer will receive an email from Murphy’s with the email and password required to access the download on your website. The Murphy’s download system is separate from their web services and therefore we have no control over the emails that are sent. Most problems arise because the customer doesn’t use the correct email or password that is included in the email.

You can read more about how customers access downloads here.

If you need to resend the password to a customer you can find all of the Download purchases in your dealer account on the Murphy’s website.

The Pre-Order Module is a premium plugin that requires your time and attention.  While we have automated as much as possible, the data that is supplied through Murphy’s Web Services does not flag a product as a Pre-Order. We have added custom code to be able to identify these products to the best of our ability but from time to time some products may come through as Pre-Order when they are just old products returning to stock.

Tagging Pre-Order Products: “coming soon”

Murphy’s products that are  new to your website, but do not have any inventory, are considered Pre-Orders. If you have the Pre-Order module installed these products will be tagged “coming-soon” and the product will be changed from a regular product to a Pre-Order product.

Your Set Up Process:

You will need to configure the Pre-Order products to charge the customer for payment upfront. You can follow the documentation provided here:

WooCommerce Pre-Order Module

If you know of the Release date you can enter it, otherwise you will need to watch for when the product is released and then change the product to a regular product.

When the Product is Available:

When the product becomes available you will need to turn off Pre-Order status so that the product is sold like a regular product.  Inventory will display when Murphy’s releases the product for general sale and has inventory.

There is a good chance you won’t always know the release date and so you will need to watch for the product to be released. Then you must change the product into a regular product.

If you add a release date the product will automatically change from Pre-Order status to a regular product on that date.


The key to this module is being one of the first to send out an email to your list advertising the products that are coming soon. Our most successful dealers are the first to get those emails out and secure the pre-orders before most people even know it is available.

Set the Pre-Order to charge upfront. You are less likely to lose the sale and you won’t get stuck with an order if the customer changes his mind later.


When a pre-order product is added to your website it is automatically tagged as “coming-soon” so you can find it by searching the tags under Products–>Tags in the backend of your website.  (Note that the automatic tagging occurs during the nightly processing so you won’t see the change immediately.)

But since Murphy’s Web Services does not provide when a pre-order product is released we have no way of automating the removal of the tag.

Murphy's Magic

Order Processing

All orders for Murphy’s products that are set to processing automatically get added to your open sales order at Murphy’s. When you are ready to submit the order you simply click the Submit Sales Order on the MMS Integration page and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

We provide a step-by-step tutorial to help you keep track of the orders submitted and show you how to change the customer’s order status to “submitted.”  Note that changing the order status to “submitted” only acts as a label for you, it does not submit the order.

DANGER: Never have more than one sales order open at Murphy’s. This will prevent customer orders from being added to your sales order at Murphy’s.  If you have to contact your Murphy’s rep we recommend you submit your existing orders in case the rep opens a new sales order.

See the full explanation here:  How to Submit a Sales Order to Murphy’s

When you are ready to ship the orders you can add shipping information into the Order Details page.
Before you complete the order enter the shipping information in the Shipment Tracking section of the Order Details Page.

See the full explanation here:  How Do I Add Shipment Tracking Information?

First you will need to refund the order then contact your Murphy’s rep to have the order removed from the open sales order at Murphy’s. (More information about how to refund an order can be found here.)

See the full explanation here:  How Do I Candel a Customer’s Order?

E-Commerce Features

Before you add new products on sale you may need to clear out existing products that are on sale.

Remember that you can’t discount Murphy’s products categorized as “not discountable.”

See:  How Do I Change the Products That Are On Sale 

You can put an entire category on sale using the Dynamic Pricing Tool. All of the products within that category will display the sale amount or percentage you set, except Murphy’s Non-Discountable items which are automatically excluded.

Learn how here: How Can I Create a Category-Wide Sale?

Featured products are set by toggling the Star icon on the product listing page of dashboard area. Featured products are tagged during the overnight processing so any products you toggle on to be featured will not immediately display on the featured page of your website.

View the full tutorial here: How Do I Change the Featured Products?

You can quickly add the YouTube video URL into the Custom Fields section of the product to display a YouTube video at the top of the product page.

View:  How Do I Add a YouTube Video to a Product?

You can add your own products to the website, just remember to use a unique SKU and ALWAYS keep the Internal ID field empty.

View complete instructions here: How Do I Add Non-Murphy’s Products?

Content  Formatting With Divi

If your website is using the Divi page builder you can add a countdown timer to any page.

Here is a video tutorial with documentation.

If your website is using the Divi page builder you can edit the slider within the page.

View instructions about editing the Divi Slider here: How Do I Edit the Divi Slider?

You can find a video tutorial and documentation about all of the features here:  Divi Slider